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We believe that diversity brings only benefits for our customers, our business and our people. The more different perspectives we have, the better equipped we’ll be to meet the demands of our hugely diverse global customer base – whether they are starting a business for the first time, exporting to new markets, planning for their retirement, or looking for financial products compliant with their religious beliefs.

That’s why, as an employer, we are striving for true diversity. We’re creating a working environment that is open, supportive and inclusive at every level. One where individuality is embraced, doors are open and recruitment and progression are based on merit.

I would like people to view HSBC as a responsible institution, which is aware of its role in the community, is trusted by its customers, is a good and fair employer, and offers a stable, attractive and positive return to its shareholders

Stuart Gulliver,

HSBC Group Chief Executive

Stuart Gulliver, HSBC Chief Executive
Key facts

Our culturally diverse team of international managers is made up of more than 50 nationalities.

HSBC has more than 50 employee network groups covering areas such as gender, ethnicity, age, sexuality, disability, religion, culture and working parents.

How we do business
HSBC Sustainability Report 2013

This report sets out HSBC's approach to sustainability: how we incorporate it into our business and what we did in 2013, focusing on our social, environmental and economic contribution.