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It is my job to make sure we are on top of the latest industry trends while also remaining cost efficient

I have an MBA in finance and another in systems and operations research and a Bachelor's degree in production engineering. Before joining the bank I worked in manufacturing industry and other IT firms and have now been with HSBC Global Technologies for more than 10 years working in various roles as a business analyst, a functional consultant, a product support manager and programme manager. I have done short-term placements in the UK, the US and Dubai and completed many internal and external training programmes. HSBC is very good at spotting and supporting talent through its staff leadership programmes like Fusion, and the Next Generation Development Programme, and I have been part of several such schemes here in India.

I am now a senior project manager in software delivery and liaise with the companies that supply our technology.

I do quite a lot of travel, meeting with different vendors, and it is my job to make sure we are on top of the latest industry trends while also remaining cost efficient.

With this bank you don't just have a job – you have the chance to choose and shape a career. HSBC has many different business lines, a global customer base and a very supportive work culture. There are many exciting opportunities here.

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Regional Head, Floor Management, EMEA - London (UK)

I am a big advocate for promoting women and encouraging them to be more confident within the workplace

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CIO, UK Bank - Birmingham (UK)

Perhaps the best part about my role is that I get to make a difference to individuals and teams.

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