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I have won clients’ trust and received a lot of positive feedback, which gives me a strong sense of satisfaction

I joined HSBC in 2006 in the USA to support the bank’s large corporate clients in the healthcare sector. I then worked in the pharmaceutical, retail and consumer sector teams, helping me to build my knowledge of different industries and banking products and allowing me to work with bankers and clients at a senior level.

In 2010 I moved back to China, my home country, to develop relationships with multinational clients. Two years later I was seconded from Shanghai to Beijing to become Head of the Public Sector Group, a dynamic and strategically important area of the bank. I am responsible for building and maintaining relationships with our key government clients in China, including sovereign wealth funds and policy banks.

I usually have three to four meetings a week with clients to understand their business needs. Beforehand I prepare carefully – researching the company, consolidating presentation materials and working with internal specialists to design suitable products for a client. If we win a client’s business, we then work hard to deliver the best possible service. Since beginning this role, I have won clients’ trust and received a lot of positive feedback, which gives me a strong sense of satisfaction.

At HSBC the door is always open to different opportunities provided that you do a good job in your current position. When I joined the bank, I had a long-term goal to become a manager at HSBC China. I did not actively look for the role, but it came up after I had worked hard in the USA.

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Benjamin Chen

Senior Vice President and Team Head of International Business Commercial Banking, Beijing - Beijing (China)

The bank is expanding rapidly in China and there are plenty of global opportunities

Lewis Lei Sun

Head of Global Banking Sales, Global Liquidity and Cash Management - Shanghai (China)

HSBC demands the highest standard of integrity, professionalism and curiosity. A willing learner and team player would succeed

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