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I have worked for HSBC Bank for 25 years and despite other organisations knocking on my door, I would not leave

I am responsible for overseeing more than 50 members of staff, three linked branches and six service and sales managers at branches in Manchester.

We are actively involved with the community and have regular events raising money for local charities. I am also helping with careers advice for children at my son’s school and attend regular events to talk about banking and the financial sector and help school leavers make decisions about their future.

I have worked for HSBC Bank for 25 years and despite having plenty of other opportunities, I would not leave.

After joining what was then Midland Bank as a typist, I worked my way up from cashier to branch receptionist, personal banker to business officer and then manager in a range of branches, from the very small to larger sites with more than 50 staff.

After the birth of my son in 1999, I had a two-year plan to gain my first management position and, working closely with a mentor, using the various training programmes and help from my local branch manager, I had my first junior role as service and sales manager by 2001.

HSBC's values are part of my life, both at work and at home. The training that the bank offers is second to none and support is always given to staff and managers for development.

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