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Working here means becoming part of a diverse, global organisation with a bright outlook

Throughout my life, I have had the chance to study and work in various countries. I was born in Taiwan and completed high school and university in the United States. I worked in the US and China after graduation before obtaining an MBA and internship experience in Japan.

Each place I’ve been to presents a different set of challenges from cultural differences, ways of communication, to political, regulatory and market constraints.

I started with HSBC Taiwan eight years ago as a management trainee, without any professional experience of banking, and have received tremendous assistance from my colleagues and managers.

I have worked in various functions in Retail Banking and Wealth Management including wealth products, business planning and propositions. I have been a sales manager at a branch and now lead the mortgage business in Taiwan. Last year, I was selected to assist HSBC Indonesia to create and introduce a credit card rewards strategy during a four-month assignment. I am responsible for the development and implementation of product and sales strategy. I constantly work with sales and risk to address key issues.

Outside of work, there are plenty of activities to help me find a work and life balance. I host weekly basketball games with colleagues and go out for drinks from time to time. There are also activities planned by the bank such as family days, marathons and department volunteer programs.

HSBC is definitely one of the top choices for a long-term career in the banking industry. Working here means becoming part of a diverse, global organisation with a bright outlook that also offers the best possible local support.

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Bonnie Qiu

Head of Retail Banking and Wealth Management, Taiwan - Taipei (Taiwan)

HSBC is a very open-minded company that accepts graduates from all backgrounds


Head of Abu Dhabi Branch - Abu Dhabi (UAE)

I have attended world-class training programs and been given great development opportunities with HSBC