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No two days in my current role have been the same – but that is what I love about it

I have been hooked on operations ever since my first job with HSBC 12 years ago. I joined a management training programme which, through a series of rotations, allowed me to see first-hand how the bank’s different functions operated and worked together.

Since then I have worked in areas including underwriting, strategy, project management and analytics. Most recently, I spent two years on assignment in Hong Kong, working on a range of global distribution initiatives. This gave me the opportunity to travel globally and work with teams in 12 countries.

I have also been accepted onto the Aspiring Chief Operations Officer training programme. In addition to your normal responsibilities, this provides a variety of training and practical experiences to people who are ready to apply for COO roles.

I am responsible for all aspects of business management for the client management organisation in Global Liquidity and Cash Management, overseeing initiatives that streamline processes, increase client satisfaction and improve efficiency. While my immediate focus is on the USA and Canada, we are working on a number of projects with a global impact.

No two days in my current role have been the same – but that is what I love about it. Every day lets me learn something new about the business. The one constant is the opportunity to make new connections. People can make a difference – everyone is genuinely interested in helping and will take time out of their day to assist you.

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Senior Manager, Global Business Management - London (UK)

My global remit means that I liaise with teams in many markets


Global Sales Manager, Consumer Brands, Retail & Healthcare, Global Liquidity and Cash Management – San Francisco (USA)

Joining HSBC was a fantastic opportunity for me to work for a truly international bank. Our capabilities and footprint enable me to work with some of the largest companies in the world.


Regional Head of Client Management for MENA - Dubai (UAE)

Working at HSBC offers a range of fulfilling and interesting roles, which collectively build a successful career path

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