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I would recommend HSBC to anyone who wants to develop their career while contributing directly to society

I began my career as an auditor in one of the major audit firms and then worked as an accounting manager in a domestic insurance company. During this time I gained qualifications in accountancy and tax.

In 2014 I joined HSBC as the head of finance and deputy chair of the sustainability committee of the bank’s Group Service Centres in China. Though I have not worked for the Group for long, I already have the feeling that I want to stay until retirement. Not only can I use my knowledge and experience in finance, but I also have the opportunity to join and lead a range of sustainability activities and do more for society.

We do not have a full-time sustainability team in our Group Service Centres in China. Instead the members of our committee all have other jobs within the firm and discuss sustainability issues after we have finished our daily work. This has required me to complete multiple tasks and communicate with people from different backgrounds.

Our sustainability initiatives focus on education, the environment and the community. The most impressive activity that I have taken part in is the HSBC Water Programme training. During the course, I learnt about the challenges caused by limited fresh water resources and how to save water. I became a vegetarian after the course and started to promote it to the people around me. That’s hard to do in China as we are supposed to eat everything!

I would recommend HSBC to anyone who wants to develop their career while contributing directly to society.

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Lewis Lei Sun

Head of Global Banking Sales, Global Liquidity and Cash Management - Shanghai (China)

HSBC demands the highest standard of integrity, professionalism and curiosity. A willing learner and team player would succeed

Jungle Liu

City Manager for Shenzhen, Retail Banking and Wealth Management - China

Every day is busy, but it is a great pleasure to see the achievements of my team

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