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My being a mature student was not an issue for HSBC and it has given me added experience in dealing with people from all walks of life

HSBC attracted me because of its strong emphasis on values. I saw on the website that age wasn’t relevant when applying. As a mature student that resonated with me.

Upon joining the graduate programme I was concerned that I didn’t have an economics or financial degree and I was a bit daunted. I shouldn’t have worried as I was given the opportunity to undertake the IFS Diploma outside of work and was given study leave.

I do not use my chemistry degree much in my day-to-day role but I do use the skills I developed at university. If you don’t have a financial degree it doesn’t matter as much as you may think. You bring your own unique skills and knowledge to the bank. HSBC thrives on its diversity and employs graduates from a wide range of backgrounds.

At my final interview I was asked lots of questions about what motivated me. I was surprised by this but the interviewer explained “…we can teach you about banking but we can’t teach you values. Your personal values are the most important thing here”.

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Management Trainee, Retail Banking and Wealth Management - Taiwan

Diversity and international mobility are important to me and this is what attracted me to the RBWM global graduate programme

Colin Botheras

Regional Manager, Branch Network, New South Wales - Sydney (Australia)

We aim to target customers through our Premier services and seek people with an international background or mind-set

Retail Banking and Wealth Management Global Graduate Programme

For: University graduate

Duration: Two years

Areas: Retail Banking and Wealth Management

This two-year programme is for graduates who want to become retail banking leaders for our Sales & Distribution and Product & Propositions in retail and who are willing to be nationally mobile. If you can inspire individuals and teams to meet the needs and ambitions of our customers, and embrace our values, then this could be the career path for you.

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Retail Banking and Wealth Management Internship

For: University undergraduate

Duration: Eight weeks

Areas: Retail Banking and Wealth Management

This internship provides penultimate-year university students with experience in both a customer-facing role and a specialist function within Retail Banking and Wealth Management.

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