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I have had three mentors who have made a significant contribution to my current career path

I am responsible for managing risk, controls and financial planning for HSBC Operations, Services and Technology (HOST) in Brazil. My team monitors key indicators to track HOST’s performance and the quality of its services. We also identify potential efficiency improvements, analyse the business case for potential projects and lead sustainability initiatives.

The team has around 50 people, with a diverse range of experiences and skills. Some have worked for HSBC for more than 35 years while others have just joined. This mix of perspectives allows us to work on all kinds of different initiatives.

HSBC’s globally integrated structure means I work on projects with professionals in Latin America, the USA and Canada on a daily basis. Establishing connections with colleagues all over the world and in different parts of the organisation is a necessity to achieve results. We have technology that makes it as easy to contact someone in India as the person sitting next to you.

I joined HSBC as part of the Graduate Trainee programme. During my time at the bank, I have had three mentors who have made a significant contribution to my current career path. I have also had the opportunity to take part in further programmes, including the Next Generation Development Programme. This involved travelling around Argentina, the Philippines and the UK, working on a social and a business project with colleagues from eight different countries.

I was recently invited to take on an executive role during my pregnancy, even though my senior managers knew that I would be away from work for six months, because “it was the right thing to do”. This showed me that I work for a meritocratic company that respects people and is aligned with my personal values.

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Arturo Aldana

Head of HR for HOST Americas - Brazil

My motivation is to contribute to making HSBC the best place to work


Head of Public Sector, Brazil

At HSBC I have accomplished my ambition of having an international career

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