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My wife and I have grown our family in Oman, Brazil, and now the US

I learned about HSBC’s International Manager scheme while working abroad in Egypt and China after university and was accepted on the second time of applying in 2005. The scheme has around 370 International Managers deployed in more than 50 countries and participants have to be willing to move around the globe.

For my training, I spent seven weeks in the UK and was sent to be a greeter in a branch in Guildford, Surrey. Since then, I have had a varied career, moving up and around with jobs in Muscat in Oman, Curitiba in Brazil, Iraq and then finally now in New York.

In the UK I ran a team of Relationship Managers looking after affluent individual clients, then managed the affluent clients segment in Oman, worked in small business lending in Brazil and ran corporate banking in Erbil, the capital of the semi-autonomous Kurdish region in the North of Iraq.

My latest job is as a senior manager in wholesale credit, reviewing facilities to large corporations, ensuring they are credit-worthy and will be able to repay their loans. I am lucky to work on a team where members have worked in Latin America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. This makes a large bank seem small and intimate. HSBC and the International Manager scheme have given me the chance to know many different places and people, forming lifelong friendships and fond memories along the way. My wife and I have grown our family in Oman, Brazil, and now the US, and I have loved being able to share these experiences with those closest to me.

My favourite experiences were working remotely from the main regional offices – these are the kind of places where you learn what it takes to run an organisation from top to bottom.

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Community Reinvestment Act Exam Manager - Delaware (USA)

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Managing Director, Regional Head Credit Advisory Private Bank Americas - New York (USA)

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