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I have had many opportunities to do things that I never thought I would

From the age of 12 I always wanted to work in a bank. I had interviews at three and was offered roles at all of them. I chose HSBC because of the interview and the friendliness of the staff.

My responsibilities now are to oversee the service provided by our colleagues in the offshore service centres in Malaysia and the Philippines. Our clients provide feedback to us on a regular basis so it’s important to make sure that our service is closely monitored.

I work in a small team that runs well because we have a range of knowledge and experience. We readily share ideas and suggestions and I have a supportive line manager and regular contact with senior management. HSBC encourages self-development and I try to fit in opportunities for online learning or workshops and will often volunteer to work with colleagues outside of my usual area.

I have had many opportunities to do things that I never thought I would. I have worked in branch banking, operations, client services, training, business implementation and transformation activities. I have been able to travel to the Far East and I have also helped run a diversity programme that increased my confidence and skills.

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Gisela Boomgarden

Head of Emerging Markets Balance Sheet Management - London (UK)

Working on the trading floor is intense...but the team spirit is strong and it never gets boring

Jenny Mcrae

Associate Director - Sydney (Australia)

HSBC provides many opportunities to move roles and develop your career

Richard Hastings

Senior Vice President, Global Markets Trader - New York (USA)

We work with some very smart people who help make each day as rewarding as it is challenging