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If you are willing to work hard, there will be opportunities for you

I started out working in retail before going to work for another bank for seven years and coming to HSBC in 2012. I have worked on the Premier wealth team and was recently promoted to become an Advised Mortgages Team Manager which involves studying to gain extra professional qualifications.

I was very keen to progress quickly at HSBC so once I started meeting all my targets I joined the Aspiring Team Manager Programme – a 12-month scheme of training courses and activities.

I will eventually lead a team of six to eight mortgage advisors within the Edinburgh Contact Centre. My day-to-day duties include dealing with customer concerns and complaints, developing and motivating my team and being a good role model.

HSBC gave me a fantastic start. The support I received from my line manager and team was second to none and showed that if you are willing to work hard, there will be opportunities for you. You just need to make sure that when those opportunities do arise, you grasp them - put yourself forward and showcase all the good things that you have done.

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