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As one of the world's largest financial services organisations, HSBC offers many ways for you to realise your ambitions.

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If I ever need help from colleagues around the world, all I have to do is pick up the phone

I knew HSBC was the right fit for me when, travelling throughout North America, Asia, and Europe, I noticed the bridges at every airport I visited were sponsored by HSBC. When I lived in Hong Kong, I was amazed by the role the bank played in helping businesses trade between Asia and the rest of the world. The international capabilities were clear, and I wanted to work in an organisation that had no borders between its global offices.

I joined the Commercial Banking Management Programme where I learned about HSBC’s culture, values and global business strategy. Within my first two years, I have been fortunate enough to travel and work in Toronto, Vancouver and the UK and meet more than 200 colleagues from more than 20 different countries. If I ever need help from colleagues around the world, all I have to do is pick up the phone, and I will get the same respect and consideration wherever I call.

As a Relationship Manager, I monitor a portfolio of commercial clients to make sure that we are meeting their needs while protecting HSBC’s reputation and policies. Originally, I thought I would work in an office and have minimal interaction with colleagues, but that is not the case at all. Vancouver’s open-plan office encourages a strong sense of teamwork and flexible working conditions. I am grateful that HSBC has the technology in place that enables me to work remotely. It is important to me to keep a healthy work-life balance and be able to take care of my family when required.

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Charlotte - USA

Commercial Banking - New York (USA)

There are so many opportunities available at HSBC, it can be hard to decide which road to travel down

Lorena - Argentina

Commercial Banking - Buenos Aires (Argentina)

We had activities which helped me to learn about teamwork, trust and communication

Daniel - Canada

Global Banking and Markets - Toronto (Canada)

I strongly believe in giving back to the community and am proud HSBC has so many sustainability initiatives

Martina - UK

Commercial Banking - London (UK)

I'm someone who wants to stand up for what is right – and HSBC does the same, even in difficult situations

Canada Commercial Banking Management Programme

For: Graduate, Student

Duration: 12 months

Areas: Commercial Banking

The Canada Commercial Banking Management Programme is for graduates looking to progress with a leading global bank. The programme will provide opportunities to gain the skills and knowledge to offer customised banking solutions to our business customers.

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