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I was given a lot of responsibility during my internship. I experienced the culture of the bank in practice, which made the decision to apply to the global graduate role an easy one

I am originally from Mexico but attended university in New York so I wanted to incorporate both in my career. M&A Latin America is the perfect opportunity to bring together my different cultural perspectives and it is one of the many things that attracted me to HSBC.

When I was on the internship programme I benefitted from broad exposure to many industries. Now that I am on the graduate programme I plan to specialise as I move through my journey.

My advice to anyone applying to HSBC is to make sure you believe in its values. It is important to appreciate how key they are in everything we do. Work out what role will suit you. Do you prefer to forge relationships with clients or analyse opportunities?

One of the things that I also really like about working here is that the bank puts back into the local community. The office is currently raising funds for a cancer charity. I’m very proud of that.

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Photo of Yang Jay

Graduate Analyst, Global Banking and Markets - New York (USA)

If you want to have global clients and opportunities abroad, then HSBC is a natural choice

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