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Working in other countries broadens your knowledge of market dynamics

After deciding that corporate finance was the career for me, I had interviews at several investment banks. The people at HSBC were the most genuine and personable by far. I also liked the fact that HSBC had access to emerging markets and a global platform.

I have now seen evidence of that first hand. During my Global Analyst Induction Programme, I spent six months in New York. I have worked extensively across the Middle East and North Africa, mostly in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain and Kuwait. The region was particularly interesting to work in after the financial crisis in 2008. I have also worked in Eastern and Western Europe, notably Ukraine, Italy and Germany. Working in other countries broadens your knowledge of market dynamics and enhances your ability to work across cultures. These great opportunities have helped me to progress to director level in just over seven years.

Throughout my time with HSBC, I have worked with people whom I respect and who have gone out of their way to help me. I spent 18 months in Advisory on Mergers and Acquisitions, two years in Capital Structure Advisory and four years in Restructuring/Debt Advisory. The role in Capital Structure Advisory coincided with the onset of the financial crisis. I worked with a team at HSBC and other major UK banks to restructure the loans of the housebuilders to maximise their chances of trading through the crisis and growing once the situation had stabilised.

I have recently moved to a new team on the markets side of the business, where my day starts at 7 am. My role is to analyse, understand and ultimately price debt, which means forming a view of the likely future operating performance of the business that issued the debt. From the moment I wake up, I am catching up on the big news events and monitoring credit situations across the globe. If it affects global markets, I need to know about it.

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UK Work Experience Programme

For: Student

Duration: One or two weeks

Areas: Commercial Banking, Retail Banking and Wealth Management, HSBC Operations, Services and Technology

The UK Work Experience Programme is for students looking for a work experience placement with a leading global bank. The programme provides opportunities to gain some hands-on experience, develop your knowledge of banking and financial services, and explore the careers available at HSBC in the UK. Students should note that this is an unpaid work experience programme.

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