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I am grateful that the bank has given me the opportunity to work across different functions and businesses

I have built up a broad range of experience over more than 20 years in the banking industry, working in corporate and investment banking in Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and New York before joining HSBC Trinkaus in 2001. After working in the Equity Research and Ratings and Capital Finance teams in Düsseldorf and London, I became German Head of Strategy and Planning, reporting to the country CEO and the Regional Head of Strategy.

I lead our strategic projects in Germany, including our growth initiative to position HSBC as the country’s leading international bank, as well as any merger and acquisition-related activities. I am grateful that the bank has given me the opportunity to work across different functions and businesses, as this has enabled me to understand the company’s strategic needs in my current role.

My responsibilities include communicating with the HSBC Group’s senior management and reporting on projects. I also contribute to strategic reviews at a Group or European level that are relevant to Germany. A vital part of my job is keeping up to date with developments in the German banking market.

Project and people management skills are essential for me to encourage people to deliver their best while working to tight deadlines. I am pleased to be able to work with colleagues who are pragmatic, hands-on and reliable, even when we are very busy.

I discuss our work in progress and any other important issues with senior colleagues in Strategy around the Europe, Middle East and Africa region. Being able to share best practice is invaluable. For example, my team created a standard for tracking the effectiveness of our growth initiative in Germany, which has now been adopted by other countries as well.

The project-driven nature of my role means that the workload can vary and requires personal flexibility. I have benefited from HSBC’s openness to flexible working and regularly work from home.

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Justus Tippkoetter

Executive Support Manager to German Head of CMB – Düsseldorf (Germany)

It is a hugely interesting, varied and sometimes challenging job

Philip Mehl

Head of Marketing, Retail Banking and Wealth Management, Europe - London (UK)

It’s about knowing how to lead and manage people. Everyone is different and each country has its own culture and specific focus

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