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It’s about knowing how to lead and manage people. Everyone is different and each country has its own culture and specific focus

I am a career marketer with experience in the fast-moving consumer goods, retail and telecoms sectors. I joined HSBC in 2006 where I started out leading the HSBC brand for Retail Banking and Wealth Management UK. I went on to lead the marketing of all the UK brands and now the EMEA region. I am responsible for the HSBC, first direct and M&S Bank brands. Our team produces all external communications for customers and prospects through our websites, in branches, online, advertising and direct marketing.

It's all about leading and managing people. Everyone is different and each country has its own culture and specific focus. I need to be flexible to get the best out of everyone and develop them. I still get involved in marketing, but usually in a leading or coaching capacity. For people who are looking to develop a career in any of the countries where we operate, in four different business lines and across 10 global functions, HSBC is a place that can accommodate everyone's ambition.

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Lisa Betts

Regional Head, Floor Management, EMEA - London (UK)

I am a big advocate for promoting women and encouraging them to be more confident within the workplace

Shailaja Bengalli

Senior Audit Manager - Dubai (UAE)

There are so many opportunities at a global bank for people who are willing to move around

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