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Whether it's for our customers, colleagues or the community, I thoroughly enjoy helping drive improvements

Like many of my colleagues, I was attracted to HSBC because of the prospect of placements and international experience on the Graduate Development Programme. I started on the programme in my home town Buffalo, but after an assignment in New York City, I realised the Big Apple was for me. I will never forget the experiences I have had during the programme, such as being given the opportunity to work with more than 80 colleagues from 19 countries, which was eye opening and has increased my desire for an international placement.

Essentially, my job is to improve customer experience and work on ad hoc projects that increase employee engagement and empowerment. By focusing on employee needs, we can provide a more satisfying experience for our customers.

In the last few years, I have been involved in initiatives to encourage all employees to 'Own, Ask and Do' the right thing. Whether it is for our customers, colleagues or the community, I thoroughly enjoy helping drive improvements, and it definitely helps to see senior management supporting our goals to improve the way we work with both colleagues and customers.

Corporate and social responsibility is also important at HSBC. I am involved in many HSBC initiatives, but the one I enjoy the most is iMentor. This programme pairs you with a high school student in New York who you mentor via weekly e-mails and a monthly meeting. I strive to help students through school and increase their chance of getting into college. The programme has been rewarding. I have also recently been invited to lead a new HSBC Employee Resource Group in the New York office called Y-Knot, which is pretty exciting as it focuses on our Gen Y professionals in the workplace.

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