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HSBC gives me the flexibility to manage my time which helps me give my best to the firm and my family

I run the Product function for GLCM (Global Liquidity and Cash Management) Malaysia, which means I am accountable for the profitability, management and governance for the products and solutions used by our clients.

I joined the bank as an executive trainee 10 years ago and have had fantastic learning opportunities here, visiting many countries for work or training. Colleagues locally and at a regional level are hugely supportive and this teamwork is one of the reasons for the bank's success.

On a personal front, being a new father, I am also grateful that the organisation gives me the flexibility to manage my time, which helps me give my best to the firm and my family.

I started off in sales then progressed to managing small sales teams. In GLCM I have significant input into the department's strategy, which is key to my job satisfaction.

My advice to anyone joining the company would be to be open minded. Take every assignment as a learning opportunity, no matter how mundane it may appear because it will contribute to your overall growth, and will benefit you later on in your career.

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