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I've worked closely with people from many different nationalities and believe that is the best experience a person can have

As a Graduate Management Trainee, my first placement on the programme was in Corporate Customer Service where I worked with our business customers face to face. This was challenging for me because, before I started at HSBC, I was a very quietly spoken person and it was hard for people to hear me. Customers couldn’t hear my voice and I had to repeat myself a lot. With the support of my team and my own determination, I’ve overcome my quietness and now speak confidently with customers in a professional way.

Since my first placement in Global Functions I’ve had three other six-month placements, and the graduate programme has given me access to other departments I might be interested in. I’ve worked closely with people from many different nationalities and believe that is the best experience a person can have.

One thing that’s clear to me is that everyone is treated equally at HSBC, no matter what their gender is or where they come from. An individual’s career goals are unique to themselves and people are very open to that. There’s flexibility regarding how your career develops.  Some people want to move upwards, others enjoy building their career in their own area. Both options are accepted and supported here.

As a female working at HSBC, I believe that both males and females have the same level of opportunities and people are encouraged to be themselves without the fear of being judged. I’m pleased to have a female mentor and find it easy to talk to her and relate to her. This has given me a better understanding of what I want to be and helped me figure out where I want to develop my career.

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