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My role involves teamwork and interaction with different people

I am currently a Costs Manager in HSBC’s Global Service Delivery division. My main responsibility is to manage and, where possible, reduce the costs of a range of outsourced services, including outgoing customer correspondence, self-service terminals, cash handling, couriers and logistics and off-site document storage.

We also develop initiatives and new ways of working that support HSBC’s sustainability strategy. For example, we are encouraging customers to move to paperless banking.

I joined HSBC as a trainee in 2011. I wanted a job that would give me the opportunity to build on what I had learned at university, where I had completed a degree in business administration. After finishing the graduate programme, I started work in Global Service Delivery as a Management Information Analyst, in charge of budgets, metrics and performance indicators. My first boss was my mentor, introducing me to this area of the business and helping me to develop my skills.

I have also taken part in the Group Graduate Development Programme, a three-week course in the UK to develop personal and leadership skills. Participants came from all areas of the Group, giving me the chance to learn about diverse cultures and operating practices and build my international network.

My area of the bank must work in partnership with HSBC’s global businesses to ensure that we provide services in line with agreed standards and manage operational risks effectively. As a result, my role involves teamwork and interaction with different people.

I often have video conferences with colleagues around the world to learn from each other’s experiences and best practices. As the majority of these meetings are held in English, this adds to the challenge of my job and has also encouraged me to learn other languages.

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