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Our team is a melting pot of various cultures, nationalities and genders

The main reason I joined HSBC was to be part of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Graduate Scheme. The programme is well known for providing a superb development platform for talented UAE nationals, and I couldn’t let the chance to get best-in-class training pass me by. I was also aware of HSBC’s global presence – here was my opportunity to be part of one of the world’s most diverse organisations.

As a graduate, I started off in Risk, before moving to Retail Banking and Wealth Management, and then Trade. These placements gave me a detailed understanding of our strategy, values and objectives. If it wasn’t for the graduate programme, I would have little idea of how the various lines of business operate at HSBC and what I learned has certainly stood me in good stead for my current role in Commercial Banking. As part of the regional team, I travel to various countries within MENA to ensure that we have effective internal risk controls in place and that appropriate testing is being carried out. Hopefully, this will prove to be a stepping stone to a role where I’m able to make key business decisions on behalf of the region.

It’s an interesting and stimulating environment to be in. Our team is a melting pot of various cultures, nationalities and genders. There are 14 of us, but we represent no fewer than nine different nationalities, and the gender ratio is 1.5:1. Everyone at HSBC has the same opportunities to pursue their goals and at some stage I’d like to mentor new joiners and share my experiences.

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