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We had activities which helped me to learn about teamwork, trust and communication

I never had any doubts that HSBC was the right choice for me. The bank offers so many opportunities to learn in many different environments. Its broad international reach was equally appealing.

The Trainee Programme was an amazing experience, seeing inside so many different businesses and getting to know so many different people, many of whom help me even now with my day-to-day work. As part of the programme, I spent a month at various locations in the UK, learning with colleagues from all over the world. This was fantastic, not only because of the training, but also the chance to share views with people from different cultures. We also had some outdoor activities which helped me to learn about teamwork, trust and communication.

I spent 18 months as a Commercial Banking Analyst, before being promoted to Commercial Banking Planning Manager, which allowed me to develop my analytical, strategic and business skills. During my time in this role, my manager was promoted and I was invited to take on the role. It was a challenging experience because I was conscious that the team had to continue to deliver results but gave me a chance to test everything I had learnt.

Since November 2011, I have been in charge of Payments and Cash Management implementation. It is my responsibility to ensure our global and corporate customers receive the best possible service. Our big challenge is to align local Client Services to our global model, which takes a lot of planning and meetings. Our team is working towards the goals that have been set for this year with a positive attitude. Despite all the hard work, we have flexitime, which allows us to leave earlier on Fridays. But mutual trust and good communication ensures that if someone is absent, it does not impact negatively on the whole team.

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Taroub - UAE

Head of Abu Dhabi Branch - Abu Dhabi (UAE)

I have attended world-class training programs and been given great development opportunities with HSBC

Marwan, Commercial Banking

Regional Head of Business Implementation, MENA - Dubai (UAE)

The bank’s biggest advantage is the exposure that it provides because of its international presence

Francesca - UK

Head of Retail Banking and Wealth Management UK - London (UK)

I have worked at HSBC for 17 years across seven countries including the UK, Hong Kong, UAE, Mexico, Panama and Indonesia

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