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Any project you work on has implications for countries all over the world

My experience in the Executive Trainee Programme has more than lived up to my expectations. Right from the start, I was involved in a project to review a process and recommend improvements. Then I moved into Global Asset Management, and recently, I worked on Sustainability Investment Integration, analysing companies considering corporate governance, social and environmental issues. Now, I am in Asset Research, focusing on Responsible Investment. It is all about studying, researching and talking to companies to analyse the best investment opportunity.

My time as a trainee highlighted how we operate in a global environment, which is one of the reasons why I would recommend HSBC as an employer. Any project you work on has implications for countries all over the world, and we share best practices with colleagues across different continents.

All of the support that I have received, including mentoring and feedback from my manager, has underlined that my career is very much a global one. The external coaching has also been brilliant and has helped me to get a different perspective on things. I now have more information and realise there are many opportunities within HSBC, which is helping me to shape my career path and realise my goals. I also participate in the HSBC Generation Y Affinity group that was formed to raise levels of motivation among Generation Y customers and employees.

There are many opportunities available at HSBC and the people are great to work with. Soon I am going to be moving into HSBC Technology and Services. I am looking forward to it as it will be a great chance to develop my leadership and people management skills.

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Fernando - Brazil

Retail Banking and Wealth Management - Sao Paulo (Brazil)

I'm really proud to be a key part of a team that is helping transform the bank

Josefina - Argentina

Retail Banking and Wealth Management - Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Every day at HSBC is different and dynamic. As new things keep coming I’m constantly learning and taking the best out of everything

Meera - UAE

Global Functions, Global Internal Audit - Dubai (UAE)

I've worked closely with people from many different nationalities and believe that is the best experience a person can have

Global Asset Management, Graduate Analyst Programme

For: Graduate, Student

Duration: 18 months

Areas: Retail Banking and Wealth Management

Over the course of this 18-month programme, you will work with our team globally to understand how Asset Management within HSBC works. As the asset management division of HSBC, we connect HSBC’s institutional and retail clients with investment opportunities around the world, helping businesses to thrive and individuals to realise their ambitions. You will have the opportunity to gain broad exposure of the business before specialising in a specific area at the end of the programme.

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Brazil Internship Programme

For: Student

Duration: Six months to a year, with the possibility of renewal for a further year

Areas: Commercial Banking, Retail Banking and Wealth Management, Global Banking and Markets, Global Private Banking, HSBC Technology and Services, Global Functions

The Brazil Internship Programme is for students looking to gain an invaluable insight into banking with a leading global bank. The programme provides you exposure, hands-on experience and on-the-job training to gain a head start on your career after graduation.

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