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I get to meet and provide services to some of China's leading entrepreneurs

My most memorable experience in more than 10 rewarding years at the bank has been with the Next Generation Development Programme in 2011. Staff from all over the world came together for the programme and our task was to help fishermen in Mexico develop their tourism and seafood business. It was a once in a lifetime experience to interact with colleagues from 13 different countries. We shared and learnt a lot from each other, and have stayed in touch.

I joined HSBC as a management trainee of with the Global Service Centre division and have moved around in the company, recently becoming the branch manager in Suzhou.

My day-to-day job involves dealing with external regulators, the media, and customers. I have to weigh up the interests of different functions while working to strengthen our high standards of service efficiency, compliance and risk management. Our key business perspective is to help multinationals grow their China investments and help Chinese businesses to expand across the globe. We are proud that HSBC is the leading foreign bank in China and plays an important role in the market to connect the world. I get to meet and provide services to some of China’s leading entrepreneurs and I have to really know my business to be able to give them effective information and relevant advice. In return, I get to learn a lot from them. The work is busy and challenging but I really enjoy it.

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Lewis Lei Sun

Head of Global Banking Sales, Global Liquidity and Cash Management - Shanghai (China)

HSBC demands the highest standard of integrity, professionalism and curiosity. A willing learner and team player would succeed


Head of Product Management, Global Liquidity and Cash Management - Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

HSBC gives me the flexibility to manage my time which helps me give my best to the firm and my family

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