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It is a hugely interesting, varied and sometimes challenging job

I joined HSBC as a European Executive Trainee in Germany after completing a postgraduate degree in economics at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. Placements in the relationship management, product, credit and debt capital markets teams helped me acquire an in-depth understanding of our corporate banking activities, while the export-oriented nature of the German economy meant I was in frequent contact with customers and colleagues worldwide.

I also went on assignments to London and Amsterdam. In the UK I was an Executive Assistant to the Regional Head of Commercial Banking for Europe, providing support on strategic and regulatory initiatives such as the implementation of a Europe-wide customer relationship system. I value my time on the graduate programme highly.

After completing the programme, I moved into my current role as Executive Support Manager to the Head of Commercial Banking in Germany. It is a hugely interesting, varied and sometimes challenging job.

I get involved in both strategic and day-to-day tasks, including revenue generation and sales management initiatives, cost and risk issues and strategic projects. Often I play a co-ordinating role. I enjoy cutting through complex matters and learning from senior managers what it is like to shape the future of our firm.

I also wanted to develop some specialist knowledge that would benefit my future career. So my manager and I agreed that I would be actively involved in all credit applications that need his sign-off. This has helped me to deepen my understanding of HSBC’s customer base and products. In addition, HSBC Germany recently implemented a sustainability forum, in which I play an active role. This is again something completely new but equally exciting for me, and I expect that it will remain on my agenda.

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Senior Manager, Global Business Management - London (UK)

My global remit means that I liaise with teams in many markets

Francois de Maricourt

Senior Executive, Business Management - London (UK)

Flexibility is key to succeeding and you need to adapt quickly to your environment and different cultures

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