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Every day at HSBC is different and dynamic. As new things keep coming I’m constantly learning and taking the best out of everything

I chose HSBC because of its global focus and strong brand equity. The Retail Banking and Wealth Management Trainee Programme offered the real promise of developing my commercial skills and leadership training. Indeed, in the last two years my ability to multitask and my communication and project management skills have improved endlessly.

Every day at HSBC is different and dynamic – as new things keep coming, I'm constantly learning and taking the best out of everything and have been exposed to different courses and challenging situations. During my first month, I was involved in the development of a new Client Retention model– a priority project for the region and in my first year, I was able to rotate across several business areas within Retail Banking and Wealth Management, getting to know many different people and their ways of working.

I'm currently working in the Products and Services business area, responsible for co-ordinating and implementing portfolio campaigns for RBWM products and segments. I'm proud to be part of a project to implement a new management campaign tool that will simplify the whole process of creating a campaign.

Beyond my day-to-day role, I'm involved in teaching the Junior Achievement 'More than Money' programme. This is a two-month economics education programme that's specifically facilitated by HSBC employees. I go to a public school once a week to teach children – many of whom live in poverty – the basics of money such as what a bank account is and how loans and interest work.

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