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HSBC offers many opportunities to get involved outside the bank and give back to the community

The Retail Banking and Wealth Management graduate programme gives you the chance to experience a variety of roles. I have been a Sales and Service Manager within the branch network, a Digital Analyst within the Digital Centre of Excellence and a Campaign Manager within UK Marketing.

As a Campaign Manager in Marketing my role is to manage the development and implementation of multi-channel marketing campaigns. I have helped on the mortgage campaign which is on television and in newspapers and it is rewarding to see my influence in creative materials that help the bank market its products and services.

I hope to join HSBC’s International Management programme after completing my graduate programme. It allows you to live and work in countries around the world and this appeals to me enormously.

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Management Trainee, Retail Banking and Wealth Management - New York (USA)

The banking industry moves very quickly, with changing markets and the regulatory environment. Being in HSBC means being part of these changes and also having the ability to make a difference in the right way

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Management Associate, Retail Banking and Wealth Management - Shenzhen (China)

The two years on the graduate programme are designed to make you an outstanding banker with an international outlook and a focus on doing the right thing by your customers

Retail Banking and Wealth Management Global Graduate Programme

For: University graduate

Duration: Two years

Areas: Retail Banking and Wealth Management

This two-year programme is for graduates who want to become retail banking leaders for our Sales & Distribution and Product & Propositions in retail and who are willing to be nationally mobile. If you can inspire individuals and teams to meet the needs and ambitions of our customers, and embrace our values, then this could be the career path for you.

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Retail Banking and Wealth Management Internship

For: University undergraduate

Duration: Eight weeks

Areas: Retail Banking and Wealth Management

This internship provides penultimate-year university students with experience in both a customer-facing role and a specialist function within Retail Banking and Wealth Management.

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