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HSBC provides many opportunities to move roles and develop your career

I have been at HSBC for more than 15 years. It is a company that has allowed me to progress and learn a huge amount both on the job and through an extensive training programme. I have attended credit and lending courses, negotiation and presentation skills, product-related and leadership courses.

I have had various roles in both commercial and global banking. I started out in the graduate trainee programme after doing a degree in Business and spent three months on an executive training programme in the UK. In Australia I worked my way up to become a global relationship manager and am now associate director and regional account manager in the multinationals team.

My job is about developing profitable long-term relationships with clients as well as trying to grow revenues. I am also responsible for staff development, leadership, building a team, operational effectiveness and control and risk management.

I work out of Sydney's head office but have flexible arrangements so I can work remotely from home once a fortnight.

HSBC is a great place - it provides many opportunities to move roles and develop your career. It has given me various opportunities to volunteer, through Global Banking's charity projects, or other organisations I am involved with.

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Alan Roberts

Senior Relationship Manager - Sydney (Australia)

You have to find time to do the things you like and spend time with your colleagues

Benjamin Halperin

Head of the Strategic Energy Solutions Group, Americas - New York (USA)

HSBC values loyalty, patience, integrity and long-term relationships


Trader, Global Banking and Markets – London (UK)

Getting a Markets internship was the best way for me to get experience of the industry