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I also help to run HSBC’s Enterprise Engineer Programme, which aims to recognise and develop future technology leaders

After doing an undergraduate degree in radiography and working at a hospital in Cambridge, I joined HSBC on the IT graduate scheme as a mainframe programmer. I now oversee business and technology projects in Retail Banking and Wealth Management.

I also help to run HSBC's Enterprise Engineer Programme, which aims to recognise and develop future technology leaders. I am one of the IT representatives on the UK Gender Diversity working group and am participating in Fusion – a leadership programme.
A typical day starts with a quick scan of emails that have come in overnight from colleagues around the world. It's mid-afternoon in Asia at that time and so I often have early meetings with colleagues from Hong Kong and China about alignment to the global IT strategy. It's important that we have a coherent and consistent strategy which, given the size of HSBC, can be challenging because just as Asia are signing off, the Americas are signing on.

I try to leave work in time to pick my daughter up from nursery and switch my focus to playing games and watching cartoons before taking any late calls and preparing for the next day.

HSBC is full of opportunities at all levels and there are chances to get involved in all sorts of initiatives – both directly and indirectly associated with banking.

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