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Being multilingual has immense benefits at an international institution

I joined the Graduate Development Programme after graduating with a double major in financial economics and East Asian history.

Having grown up in a different country and lived on both the east and west coasts of the USA, I love meeting people and experiencing different cultures. A year into the programme, I have worked with colleagues in London, Hong Kong, Canada and Bermuda, to name just a few.

So far I have gone through two rotations. The first was in mobile banking, where I was involved in testing and implementing fixes for HSBC’s mobile banking app and creating a new online process to allow customers to stop payments themselves. This involved working closely with colleagues in areas including marketing, analytics and IT.

My current rotation is in wealth management, where I am helping to develop and implement a globally consistent business model that enables us to manage the needs of international clients effectively while also focusing on profitability and risk analysis.

It is important to keep your knowledge up to date in changing times for the banking industry. If you can, learn a new language. Being multilingual has immense benefits at an international institution and will open many doors.

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Benjamin Halperin

Head of the Strategic Energy Solutions Group, Americas - New York (USA)

HSBC values loyalty, patience, integrity and long-term relationships

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