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My colleagues and my manager are very supportive and friendly and I can ask them anything

I graduated with a degree in philosophy from the Middle East Technical University in Ankara. During my studies I also took a human resources (HR) management certificate, as it was my intention to have a career in HR. I then applied to HSBC Turkey’s Management Trainee Programme. After a selection process that lasted almost a month, I was successful and joined the bank in July 2013.

We immediately began a six-week training programme that covered banking, finance and accounting as well as important skills such as presentation and communications. It was a great way of preparing us to work in a global bank.

Once the training had finished, I started work in the resourcing department in the HR function. I am responsible for recruitment and selection for HSBC Operations, Services and Technology, the global functions and the Young Talent Programme in Turkey, as well as the regular reporting of resourcing data. My work involves travelling to a range of events, including university careers fairs, in cities around Turkey.

My day always starts by updating the status of our vacant positions and checking my e-mails for any new developments. After that I conduct interviews and schedule new ones, and publish advertisements for new jobs internally and externally. I also help colleagues around the world to arrange interviews with candidates in Turkey.

Working in a global company is a big opportunity for me. My colleagues and my manager are very supportive and friendly and I can ask them anything. I also receive coaching from a senior manager, which is useful in helping me to consider my career plans and areas for development.

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