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Working on the trading floor is intense...but the team spirit is strong and it never gets boring

I joined Global Banking and Markets in Germany. In 2007 I was seconded into Group Treasury and subsequently moved to a regional role in London.

I currently head our Emerging Markets Balance Sheet Management desk in Europe. I am fortunate to work in an environment where performance is valued and the management is open to being challenged. Working on the bank’s trading floor is intense. We quote for loans and deposits to our internal and external customers. We monitor and manage our risk positions. But the team spirit is strong and it never gets boring in emerging markets. There is always one market or another with significant news, either political or economic, that needs to be digested, analysed and acted upon.

I have had the chance to work on an environmental project in Brazil with colleagues from across the world as part of the Group’s Next Generation Development Programme. I have just moved into a new role and have a mentor from another part of the business. It is great to get an outsider’s perspective and advice from someone senior who has been there and done that.

HSBC’s broad coverage of products and markets offers plenty of opportunities for personal development and growth. International mobility is valued and may give you a competitive edge.

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Anthony Normand

Managing Director, Head EMEA Credit Sales - London (UK)

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Head of the Strategic Energy Solutions Group, Americas - New York (USA)

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Joaquin Pimentel

Vice President, Institutional Sales Mexico - Mexico

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