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Flexibility is key to succeeding and you need to adapt quickly to your environment and different cultures

I joined a French regional bank in 1994 after graduating with a master's degree in economics and a postgraduate degree in banking and finance. I worked in a wide variety of roles, including Chief of Staff for the Chairman and CEO. When HSBC bought the bank I was working for in 2001, I was given the opportunity to join the International Manager Programme which offers placements in more than 50 countries to support business needs and also helps prepare candidates for senior Group positions.

I have mainly worked in front-line roles over the last few years in Commercial Banking (CMB) as Relationship Manager, Head of CMB, and more recently CEO Algeria.

I have recently started a new role in Global CMB on a temporary basis. The main project I'm working on is to drive the Conduct Risk agenda, which sets the standards for how we conduct business globally. A large part of my role is to communicate with people from different parts of the Group to understand their perspective and share views. We have many meetings, Steering Committees or Working groups.

A very enjoyable side of the job is to see how our values are applied to daily decisions to ensure fair outcomes for customers.

Flexibility is key to succeeding and you need to adapt quickly to your environment and different cultures. The most interesting parts of working for HSBC are the international opportunities and the prospect of furthering your career, which doesn't depend on your background but on your skills.

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