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I'm really proud to be a key part of a team that is helping transform the bank

HSBC has an excellent reputation in the industry. In a previous banking job, it was my responsibility to monitor the affluent customer market. HSBC was one of the best and had the potential to become the largest bank in this area, which really encouraged me to want to work at the bank. I remember thinking, 'that is a company I would like to work for ...'

I joined HSBC via the Trainee Programme, where entry was extremely competitive. It was an amazing experience. There was so much support, with the training and talking to executives. It was also really useful to get to know many areas of the bank. I started as a Market and Customer Specialist as part of a small team. It was hard work but fun, too.

The great thing about HSBC is the diversity of the business and its people – there are so many people here who are inspiring to work with. The Head of Retail Banking and Wealth Management recommended me for my current role. I am working in a new area, which exists only in Brazil, and am responsible for the operational efficiency of all our branches in the country. I am really proud to be a key part of a team that is helping transform the bank – and to do that, I have to fully embrace change myself.

I think work-life balance is important, and I do not have a 9 am to 6 pm schedule. I can get in late or leave early if I have a personal appointment, but on occasions I do have to stay beyond 6 pm. Remote working is also an option. We have many digital tools such as instant messaging and video calls that help a lot. Everyone is open about their work agenda, and flexible working arrangements benefit the whole team.

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Josefina - Argentina

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Every day at HSBC is different and dynamic. As new things keep coming I’m constantly learning and taking the best out of everything

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Any project you work on has implications for countries all over the world

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