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There are few organisations that can provide opportunities to work on such an international scale

I joined the bank in the UK in 1987 as part of the graduate scheme. Having obtained my professional banking qualifications I then spent more than 10 years in customer-facing roles, managing branches and as a relationship manager for commercial customers.

HSBC allows you to gain a range of experience in different disciplines. I also spent five years on the leadership team of the contact centres. These experiences have stood me in good stead at head office where it is so important to keep the customer at the forefront of our thinking.

After working in our Premier and Wealth Management business, and Retail Banking and Wealth Management operations and control, I joined Global Change Delivery three years ago. My team supports HSBC change programmes in more than 20 countries in Europe, and team members are based all over the world. My typical day will involve a number of video conferences, which can be done anywhere I can use my laptop.

There are few organisations that can provide opportunities to work on such an international scale with colleagues from all over the world. It is extremely energising and broadens your thinking and expertise and helps you realise the power and reach of the HSBC brand, and the history and experience we have within the Group. As your own career progresses you will be able to find a path that plays to your interests and strengths.

I act as a mentor for a number of people, providing advice to help them develop their careers, and sharing some of my experience from more than 25 years in the organisation.

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Tilly Bland

IT Trainee - South Yorkshire (UK)

We have colleagues across the globe. This allows me to learn lots about other cultures and makes me feel part of a global community

Yogesh Shete

Senior Project Manager - Pune (India)

It is my job to make sure we are on top of the latest industry trends while also remaining cost efficient

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