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My experience on the Global Asset Management programme has been intellectually stimulating, involving both teamwork and individual research

I interned at different financial institutions and chose HSBC as this programme is more wide-ranging than others I looked at. It allows me to experience the full spectrum of the business with different rotations in areas such as portfolio management, client strategy and business development.

I am surrounded by team players who are experts in their fields and they trust me with tasks that are commercially important so my career development is progressing.

With the training and exposure I am getting in the global graduate programme, I look forward to becoming a specialist in investment as I enjoy the combination of teamwork and individual research it offers.

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Photo of William Thompson

Graduate Analyst, Global Asset Management - London (UK)

Learning to understand our clients shows me how we help people save up for life events, retirements and other important milestones

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Investment Analyst, Equities, Global Asset Management

I always aspired to join an investment team and thanks to my experience on the graduate programme, I now work in the China Equities team as an investment analyst

Global Asset Management Global Graduate Programme

For: University graduate

Duration: Two years

Areas: Retail Banking and Wealth Management

This two-year rotational programme is for graduates who are keen to become a skilled asset management specialist, connecting clients to investment opportunities around the world. Rotations are designed to stretch and challenge you and provide comprehensive experience into the world of international investment management.

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Global Asset Management Internship

For: University undergraduate

Duration: 10 weeks

Areas: Retail Banking and Wealth Management

This 10-week internship offers penultimate year degree students the opportunity to build their knowledge in the part of the bank that develops and manages investment management products and services to connect our clients to investment opportunities around the world.

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