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At HSBC I have accomplished my ambition of having an international career

I trained as a professional pilot but it is at HSBC that I have been able to accomplish my ambition of having an international career.

I joined the bank in 2003 in Brasilia, Brazil, because of its sound reputation, financial solidity and international presence. Within a few years, I was managing a branch with more than 20 employees and successfully passed the selection process for the International Manager Programme.

My first international posting was to Doha, Qatar. I began by working in a diverse team in our Global Liquidity and Cash Management business and then became a relationship manager for large corporates. Next I moved to Ramallah, Palestine, as country manager. This position gave me greater exposure to strategy, project management and asset and liability management and allowed me to work with teams in different locations such as the UAE, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Bahrain and Israel.

In 2014 I moved back to my hometown of Brasilia, partly for family reasons, and became Head of Public Sector for HSBC Brazil. I oversee more than 500 relationships with government entities throughout the country and am responsible for setting and delivering the department’s strategy.

One of my key activities is chairing the public sector governance committee, a monthly meeting of senior stakeholders that looks at new regulatory directives, risks and business opportunities. I also work with colleagues in Brazil and overseas, as well as in different parts of HSBC, to provide structured financing to larger government entities.

Throughout my career at HSBC, I have benefited from both informal and formal mentoring schemes. Currently I have monthly coaching meetings on my personal and professional development with senior managers within the organisation.

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Arturo Aldana

Head of HR for HOST Americas - Brazil

My motivation is to contribute to making HSBC the best place to work


Chief Risk and Administration Officer, HOST - Brazil

I have had three mentors who have made a significant contribution to my current career path

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