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There are so many opportunities available at HSBC, it can be hard to decide which road to travel down

I joined HSBC because I liked its conservative approach to credit and admired how it handled the financial crisis. I wanted to work for an organisation that operated as a meritocracy and offered the prospect of international experience. That is why I applied for the Graduate Development Programme.

So far I have worked in both Buffalo and New York City with HSBC. After my credit training in New York City, I was temporarily assigned to a special project in Buffalo, where I worked in Compliance on a back office regulatory project. This gave me insight into back office processes and helped me develop my management skills. In New York City, where I am now based, I work with large corporate customers and have further developed my credit, product and customer liaison and relationship skills. I also had the opportunity to attend a one-month leadership training programme in the UK, where I was able to develop a global HSBC network.

The commercial credit business is extremely competitive at the moment. We have won quite a few deals, and my manager and team members have always been quick to give me recognition.

This sums up the HSBC culture. There is a real emphasis on nurturing and valuing people for their contributions and on being responsible for one’s output. There are so many opportunities available at HSBC that it can be hard to decide which road to travel down. However, mentoring really helps, and short-term assignments can showcase some of the available options. The people I have worked with also encourage new, well-trained talent to follow in their footsteps, so they support your development and include you in as much as possible.

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