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My motivation is to contribute to making HSBC the best place to work

I joined HSBC after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in computer systems and administration in 1996. My first job was in Retail Banking and Wealth Management in Mexico, where I worked in relationship management, call-centre management and process re-engineering.

In 2002 I moved into human resources, working first in learning and development and then as an HR generalist. Earlier this year I was appointed Head of HR for HSBC Operations, Services and Technology (HOST) in the Americas, and relocated from Mexico to São Paulo, Brazil.

HOST in the Americas employs 11,000 people in seven different countries. This is a very large region: getting from Buenos Aires in Argentina to Vancouver in Canada means flying more than 11,000km, which takes at least 18 hours with a minimum of one change.

I do a lot of travelling, both in the region and sometimes to HSBC’s headquarters in the UK, allowing me to work in different cultures and understand the regulatory environments in other countries. This can be challenging in terms of my work-life balance. But HSBC provides me with tools to work in different ways and locations, even from home, helping me to dedicate more time to my family and my interests such as sport and reading.

As a senior manager in HR, I work with top executives in the region, and at Group level, on the organisation’s most important element: how to attract and develop the best people. My motivation is to contribute to HSBC’s success by helping to make it the best place to work.

The time and language differences sometimes bring complexity. But learning from diverse ways of thinking and working, from very senior executives but also from talented young people, is the most interesting part of my job. I am very proud to be part of HSBC and to work in a company whose values are aligned to my own.

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Vanda Humar

Head of Digital Channels - Argentina

It is a bit like being a 'virtual' branch manager

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