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One thing guaranteed in my current job is a challenging environment – and that’s something I look forward to every day

Working in Global Markets at HSBC has been a long-term ambition for me. Global Markets is an extremely energetic part of the banking sector, and HSBC is one of the leading players, particularly in foreign exchange. The Graduate Analyst Programme was an excellent starting point due to its rotational structure.

As part of the Graduate Programme, I worked in three different divisions within Global Markets and developed an overall picture of how it all fits together. It was a lot to take in because every day in a trader’s life is different because markets are unpredictable. Our activity also depends on the level of client interest in a given product.

One thing guaranteed in my current job in FX Options is a challenging environment, and that is something I look forward to every day. For example, my career development as a trader coincided with transformational changes in Japan’s political and economic order. As I am responsible for USD/JPY and JPY crosses in New York, managing volatility during this period has been one of the most difficult and exciting things I have ever done.

While market making is not really something you can do remotely and we tend to start early in the mornings, the length of the working day is quite reasonable, which leaves enough time for my social life and family.

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Daniel - Canada

Global Banking and Markets - Toronto (Canada)

I strongly believe in giving back to the community and am proud HSBC has so many sustainability initiatives

Robbie - UK

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Working in other countries broadens your knowledge of market dynamics

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Commercial Banking - New York (USA)

There are so many opportunities available at HSBC, it can be hard to decide which road to travel down

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