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Working for HSBC means becoming part of a diverse, global organisation with strong ethics and a bright future. Our size and reach mean that you will have plenty of opportunities to move forward in your career, whatever your role.

Personal and professional development

At every stage of your career, you will have the support you need to progress. We will offer a mix of formal and informal development activities, and you will be able to develop personally through involvement in our sustainability and volunteer programmes.

A world of opportunities

We offer opportunities at every career stage, from entry level and undergraduates to experienced professionals and senior executives. These opportunities span the bank's major global businesses from Commercial Banking to Wealth Management and include customer-facing roles and vital operational and support functions such as Finance, Human Resources, Technology and Marketing. And with more than 6,300 offices in 75 countries and territories across six continents, the world will be your workplace. Whether you choose to work in your local market or explore global opportunities, you can be sure of an interesting and varied career.

A values-led culture

Our culture makes us stronger. The fact that we are dependable, open and connected in everything we do is key to our success. These values describe how we interact with each other, our customers, our regulators and the wider community. We also stand firmly for what is right, acting with courageous integrity, even when faced with pressure to act differently.

Our values can be seen in the way that we develop and promote talent based on merit, and in our culture of diversity and inclusion. Creating a diverse workforce is very important to us. It makes us a more rounded organisation, and helps us understand our customers better. So we keep an open mind. We embrace non-conformity and create balanced teams. And we respect people of all backgrounds.

Learn more about HSBC's values.

Developing your career

You will be providing the local expertise that our customers around the world rely on us for, so we will provide you with the best possible support and learning opportunities. This is why we developed the HSBC Business School. The Business School, which is delivered through our intranet, will give you access to learning which is relevant to your role, your part of the business, and the bank as a whole. And you can tailor it to suit your needs – taking control of your own development.

International assignments

HSBC offers a huge range of global opportunities for talented individuals. International mobility provides opportunities to develop your skills and broaden your career. It's key to our success too.

Our international assignments vary from three months to three years. You could even follow an internationally mobile career, like our International Management Programme. With every assignment you can be sure of invaluable work and fascinating life experiences.

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