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We are currently recruiting for both specialist and generalist roles in HSBC’s Compliance teams in Birmingham, Edinburgh, London, Southampton, Jersey and Guernsey.

You will have the chance to work in a dynamic environment as part of our Global Risk function. This supports HSBC globally and manages a range of risks, including security, fraud, information security, contingency, geopolitical, operational, credit, pension, insurance, regulatory, market and reputational.

Financial crime and regulatory compliance are a particular focus of our activities. Specialists in these areas work closely with HSBC’s Global Businesses and Functions to tackle international financial crime and protect against money laundering; prevent money from getting into the wrong hands; reduce bribery and corruption risks; ensure compliance with laws and regulations and prepare for regulatory change in an increasingly complex environment and safeguard HSBC’s reputation.

Financial Crime Compliance

The Financial Crime Compliance team gathers and analyses financial intelligence, allowing us to identify suspicious transactions, activities or connections and protect customers from the threat of financial crime. We are responsible for building stronger controls to improve the way financial crime risks are managed, enabling HSBC to identify trends and opportunities for improvement and then take appropriate action. We also align our current risk management activities to develop a more integrated framework for conducting customer due diligence.

Regulatory Compliance

The Regulatory Compliance team sets policies to ensure that HSBC complies with regulations and standards and works to mitigate reputational risk. We help HSBC’s Global Businesses and Functions to understand and prepare for regulatory change, monitor how they manage their compliance responsibilities and help to resolve any deficiencies.

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Philip Mehl

Head of Marketing, Retail Banking and Wealth Management, Europe - London (UK)

It’s about knowing how to lead and manage people. Everyone is different and each country has its own culture and specific focus


Analyst, HSBC Securities Services, Global Banking and Markets – London (UK)

Moving to another country, joining a new team and being immersed in a different culture is the most challenging and rewarding experience of my career to date

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