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Working in HSBC Technology and Services

HSBC Technology and Services (HTS) has responsibilities that include:

  • Running customer service operations and business processes from contact centres to payments processing

  • Developing software and applications that underpin HSBC’s banking systems

  • Managing IT systems, infrastructure and support

  • Implementing major strategic change programmes

  • Procuring goods and services for the Group

  • Managing HSBC’s global corporate real estate portfolio

HTS is managed by the Group Chief Operating Officer and is divided into seven discrete functions, which operate globally. These are:

Global Service Delivery

Every day HSBC customers worldwide set up companies, buy homes and pay bills. It is the Global Service Delivery team’s job to ensure all this happens smoothly. We develop and manage business processes and services for HSBC’s Global Businesses and Functions – work that enables HSBC to demonstrate to regulators that our procedures deliver consistently high standards of compliance.

We are responsible for services including card operations and processing, customer contact centres, account servicing, payments processing and analytics. These activities are managed by both onshore and offshore teams. Many of our employees are based in Global Service Centres which are located in India, China, Malaysia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Turkey and Poland.

Global Service Delivery offers opportunities for both experienced candidates and graduates. Roles include business processing agents and consultants, customer service vacancies in contact centres, business and compliance analysts, project managers, and managerial and supervisory posts.

Search and apply for jobs in our Global Service Centres.

Global Software Delivery

Global Software Delivery develops, implements and supports software and IT services and processes that allow HSBC to remain at the forefront of high-quality banking systems. We develop and maintain systems for the Global Businesses, as well as support functions such as Finance, HR and Risk. We work across a range of technology platforms and development disciplines, from mainframe to mobile technologies.

Our team includes software engineers and developers, architects, testers, IT and business analysts, consultants, and programme and project managers, as well as team leadership and management roles. Many work in our Global Technology Centres, which are located in China, Brazil, India, Malaysia, Poland and Canada.

Search and apply for jobs in our Global Technology Centres.

IT Operations

IT Operations manages the IT infrastructure and supporting services that are critical for HSBC’s employees and customers, including cost-efficient hardware, system software, middleware and databases, data centres, voice and data networks, ATMs, desktops and other devices.

We employ people in almost all the countries and territories in which HSBC operates. They work in five main areas: client services (managing the systems and software used daily by HSBC’s employees, and providing IT support), enterprise services and architecture, data centre management, project management, and risk and administration.

Global Change Delivery

The Global Change Delivery team helps to shape and implement strategic change for HSBC. Our business and process consultants, analysts and programme and project managers work to improve the service we provide to customers and reduce costs through greater automation and standardisation and by optimising the bank’s operating model.

Corporate Real Estate

Global Corporate Real Estate manages HSBC’s property portfolio. We are responsible for an international network of 6,100 offices in 73 countries and territories, which is used by tens of thousands of colleagues to support HSBC customers.

We play an important part in HSBC’s growth, managing everything from data centres, offices, and express banking and retail outlets to residences, including both owned premises and leased property. Whether it is a customer entering a branch or colleagues collaborating in an office, we can make their experience a positive one through our technical expertise, strategic insight and global reach.

Global Procurement

Global Procurement plays a fundamental role in the day-to-day procurement of goods and services for the HSBC Group. Our primary focus is to deliver commercial value through all areas of procurement worldwide. We work closely with other parts of HSBC, providing leadership of the bank’s third-party supplier relationships. Procurement offers an exciting, dynamic and varied environment for its people to develop their careers.

Support Services

Support Services are responsible for managing risk and administration activities for operational areas across HSBC. We do this through three core sub-functions: Business Risk and Control Management; Operational Support and Development; and Quality. These sub-functions provide leadership and guidance that enables us to fulfil our business risk, control and operational support responsibilities and ensure excellence in the delivery of our services.

All HTS business areas offer significant opportunities for career progression, whether deepening technical expertise or taking on managerial roles.

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