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Purchase order terms and conditions

The terms and conditions below for each country govern your transactions with HSBC Holdings plc and/or its affiliates, unless a Master Services Agreement (MSA) is in place between HSBC and your company. In that event, the terms and conditions negotiated in the MSA with your company and HSBC Holdings plc and/or its affiliates supersede the following PO terms and conditions.

By providing the goods, deliverable or services on the purchase order, you agree to be bound by this agreement.

Select the terms and conditions from the list below for the appropriate country.

Country Date Terms and conditions
Saudi Arabia Mar 2015 English Saudi Arabia Terms and conditions
India Nov 2014 English India Terms and conditions
Singapore Jul 2014 English Singapore Terms and conditions
United Kingdom Jun 2014 English United Kingdom Terms and conditions
Australia Jun 2014 English Australia Terms and conditions
Hong Kong Jun 2014 English Hong Kong Terms and conditions
United Arab Emirates Jun 2014 English United Arab Emirates Terms and conditions
Oman Sep 2013 English Oman Terms and conditions