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HSBC and its subsidiaries have been extensively researched and written about. The archives also contain a wealth of printed material.


The list covers the major histories of HSBC and important acquisitions.

The HSBC Group - Our story
The HSBC Group: Our story

This introduction to the history and development of the bank is available for download. It captures the major events, decisions and personalities that have made HSBC what it is today.

The HSBC Lions
The HSBC lions

Learn about Stephen and Stitt, the two lion sculptures seen guarding many of HSBC’s offices around the world today.

P. G. Wodehouse and HSBC
P. G. Wodehouse and HSBC

He was one of last century’s greatest comic authors. It is little known, however, that he spent part of his early career bent over the ledgers at The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.