Brand history

Since 1998, HSBC has operated under a single brand name and logo. Our iconic campaigns are seen all over the world and have drawn much favourable comment. The visibility of our brand and our extensive airport marketing has given us a familiar personality and style.

The business strategy for the Group, unveiled in May 2011 by Chief Executive Stuart Gulliver, is now reflected in the latest work in our advertising campaign. Its aim is to build our brand further by reflecting on the forces that will shape commerce and the world in the future, many of which are already clearly visible. The work features a graphic style that sets up each idea with 'In the future...' as a common link to each story. The creative themes are drawn from the core business lines of our Commercial Banking, Global Banking and Markets and Wealth Management businesses.

Since its founding in 1865, HSBC has developed a global network of around 6,100 offices in 72 countries and territories, enabling us to appreciate first-hand the richness of the world's diversity and the commercial opportunities such a network brings.

Visit our 'In the future' page for recent examples of our campaign. We hope you enjoy them.


Taxi advert

In the future, there will be no markets left waiting to emerge.

By 2050, 19 of the 30 largest economies will be in countries we now call 'emerging'*. HSBC's international network can help you discover new markets wherever they emerge next. There's a new world out there.
*Source: HSBC ‘The World in 2050’