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The world economy is looking increasingly surreal – policymakers are struggling to deliver the economic outcomes they would like to see

Stephen King,
HSBC Group Chief Economist,

discusses the outlook for the global economy

News and insight

Asian rate cuts lose punch

27 Apr 2015

Central banks from India to Korea, and China to Australia, have cut interest rates or otherwise loosened monetary conditions this year and more will follow as growth sags and inflation drifts lower.
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Financing sustainable growth

15 Apr 2015

The growth of an onshore green bond market in China, and its interaction with the offshore capital markets, could help to provide a much-needed source of sustainable finance.
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US oil and weather shocks

Declining oil prices and bad weather curbed US investment spending in early 2015.

The year of the renminbi

China’s policymakers favour gradual reform

Qu Hongbin,
Chief Economist for Greater China, HSBC

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Investor relations

1Q 2015 Earnings Release

HSBC Holdings plc’s Earnings Release will be published on Tuesday, 5 May 2015 at 9.15 am BST.

A conference call with investors and analysts will be held at 10 am BST.

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We are all working tirelessly to build a stronger bank with a consistent global operating model, rigorous controls and the highest global standards

Douglas Flint,
HSBC Group Chairman

Annual General Meeting


The HSBC Annual General Meeting was held on Friday, 24 April at 11 am BST.

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Fourth interim 2014


Announcement date:
23 February 2015
Ex-dividend date:
5 March 2015
Payment date:
30 April 2015

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Headquartered in London, HSBC is one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organisations.

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HSBC was established in 1865 to finance trade between Europe and Asia. For 150 years we have connected customers to opportunities. We enable businesses to thrive and economies to prosper, helping people to realise their ambitions.

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