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As well as investing in infrastructure and technologies to address pollution, China must ensure urbanisation happens in a sustainable way

Spencer Lake,
Global Head of Capital Financing, HSBC,

outlines China's plans to tackle pollution

News and insight

At sea with no lifeboats

21 May 2015

It is six years since the trough of the last US recession. Whereas past deep recessions were typically followed by strong recoveries, this time, the recovery has been insipid.
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Fiscal surplus to offset slower growth

21 May 2015

China’s fiscal revenue growth fell to 3 per cent early this year, the weakest since September 2009, driven by more export tax rebates and slow income-tax revenue growth.
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US double shock bites harder

Slower investment spending and lower net exports caused GDP to rise just 0.2 per cent in the first quarter of 2015.

Can Spain’s sun keep shining?

There are doubts about whether Spain can retain its current high growth rates

Fabio Balboni,
European Economist, HSBC

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5 May 2015
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8 July 2015

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