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Understanding the tech consumer

New technologies are reshaping consumer behaviour and forcing businesses to change the way they sell, says HSBC’s Noel Quinn.

Asia: As good as it gets

The region has proved remarkably resilient in 2016 – but growth remains disappointingly slow, says HSBC’s Frederic Neumann.

Banking services

Using big data to benefit the economy

HSBC has signed a five-year partnership with The Alan Turing Institute, the UK’s newly created national centre for data science.

3Q 2016 Earnings Release

HSBC will announce its results for the third quarter on 7 November.

Careers: Progressive minds apply

Find out the opportunities we offer for students and graduates.

China’s relationship with the world – whether political, social, economic or financial – is currently in a period of extended transition
Group Chief Executive Stuart Gulliver
at the HSBC China and RMB Forum

Green finance in action

The proceeds of HSBC’s first-ever green bond are supporting projects in 10 countries.