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HSBC Group corporate website | HSBC Holdings plc

Firms hopeful despite protectionism fears

Companies are showing remarkable agility in finding growth opportunities despite a changing trade policy landscape, says HSBC's Noel Quinn.

The changing face of Southeast Asia

Demographic shifts – from changing birth rates to ageing populations – are shaping the region's economic prospects.

Annual General Meeting

HSBC Holdings plc will hold its AGM on 20 April 2018 in London.

Pacific countries sign new trade deal

Eleven countries have backed an agreement that could give them an estimated economic boost of more than USD150 billion by 2030.

Would you buy a home with a stranger?

Many millennials in the UK would consider teaming up with someone they don’t know to get a foot on the ladder, according to an HSBC poll.

Investing in HSBC

Are you considering investing in HSBC? Find out more about the strategy of HSBC Group and the performance of our four main global businesses.